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Products Connection III (IP Traffic Backhaul)

Connection III Radio for IP Traffic Backhaul

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The Connection III Radio system consists of two identical Ethernet  terminals at each end providing for a single RF link between two  locations for up to 50 km apart. This RF link would allow a system  operator to extend, create or provide route diversity for private and/or public WLAN, VLAN, LAN or IP voice circuits in a cost effective solution.


The system data throughput capacity can be easily expanded by increasing the modulation rate and/or augmenting the equipment to add RF channels as spectrum allows.


The Connection III Radio terminal consists of an RF transport unit, an RF duplexer and a Network RF Interface (NRFI) unit in three separate components to adapt to the customer’s frequency spectrum, the RF link parameters and the data capacity.



10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface (RJ-45)

20 tap equalizer

QPSK, QAM-16, 32, 64, modulation schemes

Symbol rate of 1.0 to 7.0 MSym/s

Remote Monitoring & Control  (SNMP)

Software controlled data rate

8 RU housing

Channel bandwidth meets North America & European standards

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