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Products AirPair 11-38 GHz Ethernet


AirPair 50
AirPair 100
AirPair 200

AirPair Flex 

Product Options

AirPair Outdoor

AirPair Indoor
AirPair Split
High Power
Optical Interface
Licensed / Unlicensed
Shroud Mount 

Product Configurations

Hub Config
Mesh Config
PTP Link Config

Network Management

PDA Management
Web Interface
Service Provider NMS 

The AirPair product line allows service providers to extend high capacity broadband networks with fixed wireless. AirPair allows service providers to offer ultra low latency native IP/Ethernet & legacy TDM (T1/E1) services for a wide variety of middle & last mile applications. The AirPair Product line provides a wide variety of industry leading options for Scalable Bandwidth Delivery, Network Management, Service Adaptation and Network Configurations.  

High Capacity Wireless Ethernet Bandwidth Platform

  • 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps                                    
  • “User Scalable Bandwidth” Options 
 AirPair Outdoor Assembly_0904 

Extensive Network Management

  • Easy to use PDA tools                                    
  • Web-Based EMS and simple NMS integration 
 AirPair Assembly_0904 

Service Adaptation at the Edge

  • Native Ethernet for transparent IP                                    
  • Triple Play – Data, Voice, Video over IP networks.                                    
  • T1/E1 support through service adaptation                                    
  • Flexible Network Configurations 
 AirPair T1-E1 IP Module_0904 

Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point configurations

  • Hub/spoke, Add/Drop, Survivable Rings, Mesh                                    
  • Frequency options from 18 GHz- 28 GHz licensed & unlicensed 
 AirPair Network Diagram_0904 

Frequencies FCC IC AUS/NZ ETSI Mexico AirPair 50 AirPair 100 AirPair 200 AirPair Flex 
11 GHz
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13 GHz
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15 GHz
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18 GHz
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23 GHz
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24 GHz UL
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26 GHz
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