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Products AR60/AR60X AdaptRate Gigabit Wireless Link

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Capacity, Distance, and Availability Without Compromise 

We offer two models of AdaptRate products: the AR60 link and the extended-range AR60X link. The AR60 link normally operates like a full-rate GigE GE60 link, however during periods of intense rainfall it switches modes to operate like a 100Mbps FE60 link. The AR60X link correspondingly operates as a GE60X/FE60X.

It is a law of physics that rain downpours attenuate RF signals - especially those over 10GHz where most high-capacity point-to-point links operate. To deploy a reliable link, it is necessary to provide enough RF link margin to prevent outages during heavy rainfall. Users are often forced to tradeoff between desired link capacity and link availability in order to achieve a required link distance. In many cases, there is simply not enough link margin to utilize full GigE capacity products without risking significant rain outages. The new AdaptRate GigE wireless links offer a cost-effective alternative that effectively finesses the traditional laws of microwave link deployment.

AdaptRate links normally run at full-rate, full-duplex GigE speeds. However, when heavy rainfall hits, they shift on-the-fly to 100Mbps, providing over 10 times more link margin. This happens automatically, within milliseconds of a heavy rain fade, and is completely transparent to other networking equipment. When the rain fade subsides, the link automatically shifts back to full GigE speed. The result is your network stays connected at the maximum data rate possible, with no interruption of service - come rain or come shine. 

Key Features

  • Automatically switches: between GigE and 100Mbps data rates to overcome the effects of intense rainfall.    
  • Full 1000Mbps Ethernet Performance: 1000BaseSX and secondary 10/100BaseTX interfaces. Full duplex, full 1000Mbps, non-blocking. Latency below 50 microseconds.    
  • License-Free Performance: 60GHz license-free spectrum (US and Canada).    
  • Virtually Interference-Free Operation: Narrow, point-to-point beams and the oxygen absorption properties of the 60GHz spectrum provide immunity to interference and allow co-location of multiple links.    
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: Simple, intuitive installation and visual alignment tool for basic alignment. No maintenance required.    
  • Highest Quality: Every unit is subjected to state-of-the-art highly accelerated system screening (HASS) to prevent pre-mature field failures.    
  • Forward Error Correction: Allows error-free operation at one-quarter of the receive signal strength of competing units, providing 20-30% longer link distances. 

Download the 60GHz Wireless Technology data sheet - PDF Version