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Products Common IDU Technical Specifications

Indoor Unit (IDU)


WL Common IDU

The WL-2000 ® is the first radio system to incorporate front-loadable plug-ins to support diversified network requirements.  The WL-2000 ® feature of auto-detecting the Plug-In type allows the end-users to seamlessly adapt to existing network requirements.  Software-controlled "reduced capacity" utilizes Spectrum-on-Demand.

WL-2000 ® may scale from low capacity/low spectrum (such as 4*DS1/E1) to medium capacity / larger spectrum (such as DS3/E3) without the need of existing hardware modification.  Furthermore, these changes are field upgradeable.

The Ethernet 10/100Base-T interface plug-in supports wireless bridge implementations.  These implementations are ideally suited for Service Providers (ISP’s video-on-demand, MTU’s) and private networks.  This plug-ins features two 10/100Base-T ports (Full Duplex) + 4*DS1 (E1) ports.  The plug-Ins supports full transparent bridging.  The PDH Plug-Ins may be used up to a maximum capacity of DS3+4*DS1 (E3+1E1).

Modular plug-in interfaces (6Mbps to 52 Mbps):

Wireless Bridge: 2*10/100Base-T+4*DS1

Wireless Bridge: 2*10/100Base-T+4*E1

PDH: DS3+16*DS1, E3+16*E1, 4*E1/8*E1

Entry-level SONET/SDH: STS-1/STM-0 (51.84 Mbps)


Common IDU Specifications

IDU to ODU Connection

Number of cables 

Single Coaxial Cable




50 Ohms unbalanced

Recommended Cable 

Belden 9913 (RG-8) or equivalent

Maximum distance 

Up to 300m (1000ft)

IDU Connector type 

"N" type Female connector


Modulation type 


Forward error correction 

Reed Solomon Code (correction of up to 20 bytes out of 255 bytes frame)



Temperature (operation) 

-5ºC to +45ºC

Relative humidity 

95% at 40ºC

Power Requirements


DC source 

22 to 60Vdc, polarity insensitive

DC consumption 

20 Watt




1.75" (1U) x19" x12" (HxWxD) (fits standard 19" equipment rack)


10 lbs, 4.6 kg

Standard Interfaces


Auxiliary data channel 

EIA RS232 data in port; shielded RJ45 / Optional EOW service channel

Relay alarm outputs & external inputs 

D- type, 25 pin, female; 5 relays floating from “C” relay; 4 floating inputs

Touch keys and display interface 

5 touch keys & 16x2 character LCD - standard feature

Network management 

10Base-T Ethernet management port: shielded RJ45

NMS-IN port: RS232 SNMP, shielded RJ45

1+1 redundancy 

110 pin, female




CE mark EN60950 (ETSI); NRTL ANSI/ UL1950 (FCC)


EN 300 386-2 (ETSI), EN 300 385 (ETSI); FCC Part 15.WitLink-2000