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AIRLINX offers a variety of modems and converters available with different interfaces.  From classic copper technology devices to the most modern high-speed fiber optic modules, AIRLINX stands for excellent product quality and reliability.  The product portfolio ensures the easiest possible network access with adaptations, conversions, and extensions for various bit rates and interfaces, thus allowing data, voice, and video to be transmitted.  Network operators and service providers are able to offer all popular technologies while still ensuring trouble-free network operation.


AIRLINX’s modems and converters are cost effective while still ensuring control of network functionality and simple device management.  As with almost all devices, the products are available as rack cards or desktop models.
Fiber Optic Modems

Even today’s highly developed transmission technologies on copper lines have their limits.  Trouble-free communication for the fastest data rates across long ranges can be reached with optical fibers.  Modems for fiber-optic transmission are thus important components of today’s fiber optic transmission.

AIRLINX offers fiber optic modems for all kinds of requirements.  FH/FL fiber optic modems support El, E2, E3 and HSSI, STM-1 applications.  In addition, they convert electrical interfaces such as X.21, V.35, V36, G.703, ISDN-So and 10BaseT into light impulses.  FH/FL fiber optic modems are available for multimode or singlemode optical fibers. The maximum transmission distance is 85 km.  AIRLINX’s fiber optic products also have no problems working with all popular LAN protocols such as Ethernet (10/100BaseT), Token Ring or ATM.  FH/FL modems with integrated WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) are available for applications with a limited number of optical fibers.


FH-P / FL-P 


Fiber Optic Modem for transmission of electrical signals through fiber
  • Data rates up to 2.048 Mbps / 1.544 Mbps        
  • Interface: X.21, G.703, V.24, V.35, V.36,
    10BaseT,  BRI (ISDN S0), UK0, HDSL
    (DB-15, DB-25, RJ-45, Winchester, BNC)
  • Line: 850 nm / 1300 nm Multimode und
    1300 nm / 1550nm Singlemode
    (SC, ST, FC-PC) 
  • Transmission distance up to 85 km        
  • Different electrical interfaces on each
    side of the modem possible 
  • WDM option for single fiber operation          
  • Central Management System /
    SNMP available
  • 19“ rack mount card  (3U) or standalone unit