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Products Low Capacity 6 Port Fiber Mux Technical Specifications

General Characteristics
LED for TXD, RXD, On, FO sync and loops
Size: 44 x 483 x 263 mm (H x W x D)
Loop tests: Local and remote

FO Interface
Connectors: ST, SC or FC-PC
MM LED: 850 or 1300 nm multimode
SM LED: 1300 or 1550 nm singlemode

Management Functions

Integrated NMS management via VT100
SNMP proxy agent to manage up to 4 stacks with 15 FME available, supports MIB I and II, e.g. with SNMPc or HP OV

DTE Port Specification
Clock modes per channel: Internal, external or remote
FME-MF (fixed interface ports): 
fixed G.703 ports, T1/E1 switchable
6x120 ohm balanced (RJ45) or 6x75 ohm unbalanced (BNC)
FME-M (modular I/F ports) or FME-F (fractional version, modular I/F ports):
X.21, V.35, V.24, V.36
G.703 ,T1 or E1, 120 ohm balanced or 75 ohm unbalanced, all types mixable
2-wire module, up to 6 km, max 128 Kbps
HDSL module for 4-wire transmission, up to 6 km, max 2 Mbps
Ethernet bridge module with 10BaseT
BRI module, 2 B + 1 D-channel, TE/NT simulation
Service Module with 1x audio port and 1xV.24 data port, 9600 baud

Redundant fiber optic
Redundant power supply 230 VAC/48 VDC
WDM Fiber Doubler
Laser or High Power Laser for extended range
48 VDC
40 VDC power supply for ISDN bus


Fiber Optic Multiplexer
f: Operation Mode Specification
F Fractional version
M Non-fractional version
Data Port Config.(for FME-M only)
F 6 x fixed G.703 E1/T1 ports
M Modular ports
x: Functional Extension (optional)
B Control port / relay contact
R Redundant fiber optic
w: WDM Specification (if selected)
Z SM 1300/1550 nm 9/125 µm
l: Fiber Optic Link Specification
8 850 nm MM LED
3 1300 nm MM LED (ST, SC)
9 1300 nm SM LED
4 1300 nm SM Laser
6 1550 nm SM Laser
B 1550 nm SM DFb Laser
c: Fiber Optic Link Connector

ii: Data Port Specification*
11 X.21, DB-15
52 V.35, DB-25
5W V.35, 
62 V.36, DB-25
BR BRI (So), RJ45
GB G.703, BNC (E1 only)
GR G.703, RJ45 (E1 or T1)
DR Ethernet 10BaseT, RJ45
KR 4-wire HDSL, RJ45

P: Power Supply
E 230 VAC Euro
U 115 VAC US
V 48 VDC galv. sep.
EV 230 VAC Euro + 48 VDC
UV 115 VAC  + 48 VDC
* Omit if different interfaces are required.

Interface Modules: IM-ii
(ii-coding see flyer IM and data port spec.)

Further combinations on request.
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.